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literally based

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The 62 year old was most likely busted for Pedophilia and he blackmailed the assholes who made money off his side gig.

Pro ball is a cover for Institutional Pedophilia. The vapid consumers are needed to hide the ugly truth.

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If what people are wont to say these days is to be believed, everything with a profit margin over zero is just a cover for kiddy diddling. It's a miracle there are free children anywhere, if all three claims can be believed.

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Pedo blackmail is the ultimate power. Yet any blackmail is used to control good cops to do bad.

The simple act to blackmail celebrities and sell an evil agenda is a given.

Kneeling is used as a well organized and massive mind control, the ultimate goal of simple blackmail.

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Wow, look at all that racism back in the 60s. I bet he had to protest hard against slavery and racism to get that deal.