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Why do you say that? It's different, sure, but if we're thinking about CCP and SCP as representations of how much you've contributed, why would you get points (in either direction) for content that no longer exists?

To add on to that, I feel like on reddit, points were less about how much you contributed and more of a prize - thus the use of the word Karma. I also think that that contributed to the endless circlejerking in some comment sections, since upvotes were given more as an award to people for stating something you agreed with. Here, I feel like upvoating is more intended to mark a comment as interesting/relevant, even if it's not something you agree with. By that definition, (in theory) a negative score is more indicative of something irrelevant to a sub or otherwise not a good contribution. In that case incentivizing users to remove downvoated posts/comments is a good thing, a way of automatically trimming the unwanted submissions out.