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Jews are taught that goyim are the same as farm animals. It makes no sense to them to treat gentile babies with respect.

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Hey, if it's too expensive to dispose of 17000 dead babies, just keep them in your yard, schlemiel

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Theyre so fucked they dont even look at fraternal jews as jews. Even if against all odds a she boon got ahold of my sperm and had one of mine I'd feel responsible for it.

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Yep. Judaism is only conveyed through the mother's side.

It does make a twisted sort of sense, if you consider their world view and actions so far. Destroy the family unit, remove the role of the father, and have the children taught by the mother. Incredibly subversive, and implies that all Jewish women are sluts, but I would expect no less from them.

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I read they start putting this shit into your Nestle your pepsi cola, your foods, 'senomyx' is the new food additive website is called stop the crime DOT net ... time to start calling abortionists child killers

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No they aren't

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This was some mid 80s shit. I wonder how much of that was used for nefarious reason?

The takeaway? Water is wet and in a ZOG, jews are uber slippery.

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How in the fuck did I not hear about this until now?

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Memoryholes are real.

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Probably because it happened before you were born.

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"Weisberg's Medical Analytical Laboratories received nearly $175,000 in Medi-Cal payments, with $88,000 coming from pathology tests on aborted fetuses. Of this, half of it ($44,000) was paid federally through the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). By the Hyde Amendment, this money was ineligible for testing on pre-abortion or post-abortion tissue, which meant the state of California would need to pay back federal funds claimed by Weisberg and by any other laboratories"

Money money money money money. Get those hands rubbing together.

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[–] Laurentius_the_pyro [S] 0 points 10 points (+10|-0) ago 

This is the most disgusting thing I've ever read.

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It gets worse and worse the more you know.


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Love a call for an uprising.

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Stay away from v/pizzagate then

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Off to the meat market to sell his wares no doubt.

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They were stored in formaldehyde. I wonder what good that would do the vampires.

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Hmmm, let's find out!

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The real gold of this story is that they only found the 17,000 dead babies because the Jew's check bounced. If you're going to hold onto that many dead babies, don't be so stereotypically stingy with your shekels. You really Jewed yourself, Malvin.

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I assume y’all are aware this was discussed on a recent episode of The Daily Shoah podcast, yeah?

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Considering I linked Mike and Sven talking about it here, im gonna say yes.

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Sorry if I missed it, just spreading the word.

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