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They weren’t responsible for 9/11, so who cares when the Islamic new year is?

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Because the overwhelming vast majority of sand niggers are far too stupid to understand kikes were ultimately responsible and believe 9/11 was their accomplishment lol

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this is bullshit, sandniggers are far more red pilled than whitey will ever be. Its the sand niggers home thats being blown up. You guys arent in war, youre just not comfortable in your home. sandniggers are in war with jews, dont do anything to help the jews

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Is this a test? Security is as tight as a drum, sir.

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I'm not sure what airport you're talking about, last ones I've been to had a bunch of functionally retarded fat fucks dressed in blue shirts that were being passed off as "security".

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Seatac, SFO, LAX, O'Hare, Dallas-Fort Worth, BWI.

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They like to stick to old traditions like inbreeding and raping young boys and goats

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Getting my cross breed holster any day now so I can start concealed carrying.

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Is it appendix carry? That’s the safest and easiest to draw from. If you disagree look up the channel on YouTube called “Active Self Protection” and watch some real life examples that happen.

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Gun at 3, two mags and a knife at 9, third mag in pocket.

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No. I'm not going to walk around all day with my gun pointed at my dick. No thanks. I'd rather accidentally kill myself than shoot my dick and balls off

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Jesus how retarded are they

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Islamic dates use a lunar calendar, they never made the switch to solar like just about everybody else.

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They also wipe their ass with their hand. Brilliant bunch.

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Never underestimate the stupidity of man

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Jews did 9/11 not Muslims

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Always be vigilant! wtf

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I bet those niggas is planning something big

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Mass openings of convenience stores imminent

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There's a chain of fireworks stores around where I live that are owned by muslims.

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Toss some m80s or better near them in multicultural celebration

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