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women are suckers for just about anything!

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I just use a hard boiled egg ... since having 5 kids and now have a wizards sleeve I have moved up to an ostrich egg - much cheaper and can make a nice sandwich when done

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That site is behind a paywall. archive.is that shit

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Shouldn't be - try again!

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https://archive.fo/679et :

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop touted the ‘benefits’ of putting a jade egg in your vagina. Now it must pay. - The Washington Post

'No, Gwyneth Paltrow, women should not put jade eggs in their vaginas, gynecologist saysGo ahead and hate Goop. '

'For $66, one can buy a dark nephrite jade egg, which allegedly brings increased sexual energy and pleasure. '

'And the jade eggs?', "However, the Q&A with Rose and the letter to the editor recommending people start using jade eggs remain on Goop's website.", "For the uninitiated, these are the egg-shaped jade or quartz stones sold through Goop, Paltrow's new-age wellness company and lifestyle brand."

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