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Once you understand that the ultimate goal for all of these groups is 'destruction of the white Male Christian patriarchy' ie personal responsibility, it begins to make sense each groups stances.

They would never state that goal (well, maybe some groups would) but in the end, that's what they would accomplish if their idealogies are met to completion. Enemies, all of them.,

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Petty people being jealous of the best civilization the world has ever seen.

What's a shame is the lack of will to defend it.

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But this brings on the next quastion, the hell they think is going to happen to them once the white cis man is gone as a lightning rod and as protector?!

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Yes, they understand the source of their power.

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Because they both see eye to eye on the issue of child rape.

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Oy vey goy, that toddler consented to marry the prophet!

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They really think they gonna share the kids with them.

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Or that they WON'T be going off the rooftops?

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mutual interests. Period. One justifies the other. Twisted.

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Because the Guardian, muslims, and the LGBT community are a weapons wielded by jews to attack whites. First and foremost they want your extinction.

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I agree with you but once Muslims replace whites won't Muslims attack the Jews whom they hate? Why replace one enemy of the Jews with an even greater one?

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Whites are more powerful. If whites were to one day decide that only whites should exist then everyone else would be extinct within a week. Muslims have already decided the same and yet here we stand.

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Once their percieved enemies are dealt with, muslims will go back to killing each other, just like niggers.

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Jews usually leave a country before the brown horde truly takes over (see: South African jews). Also, the secular (short term profit) and the zionist (long term subversion) jews end up playing off of each other to inevitable ruin of the host nation. The zionists get jews into power, the secularists burn everything down for a quick buck, and both groups leave before the nation goes completely to shit.

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You mean like the kike rulers in the House of Saud? They're shapeshifters. The eternal crypto.

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I'm gay, not progressive in the slightest, and completely against islam and their extreme hatred of gays. Because of these beliefs I'm no longer welcome in most lgbt groups, and definitely not any internet ones. The good news is more and more gays are waking up to the reality of islam, and other leftist bs. I'm hoping the walkaway movement will continue to pick up steam, so there is hope.

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Because the fags don't want to argue with people who can get away with killing them.

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But in the end they will be killed by them either way, it makes no sense, but then again all the LGBTUIXS degeneracy is off the wall.

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because alphabet soup people all wanted to be raped. Just like they were as children.

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because they have a common enemy...straight, white men. their hatred of us is more important to them than anything else.

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Because they're cowards and hypocrites.

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