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They also have immensely higher rates of mental illness and childhood sexual abuse trauma.

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Transexuals have a 100% rate of mental illness

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It is also known those abused as kids have a higher rate of abusing their own.

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So you're saying we need more transvestites reading kids books in schools cuz diversity am I right?

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Probably because they are delusionally psychotic and have a bad time accepting reality?

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It's like becoming a junkie. There's only a few possible outcomes once you start

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Break the law more and you go to jail more.

Not sure why we allow incredibly stupid people to teach pop psychology garbage instead of facts.

Black people break the law more so tehy go to jail more. Natives break the law more, and hispanics break the law more. 100 years of "saving" them with Freud hasn't changed one damned thing.

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The weird thing is how many of that 16% is legitimately born legitimately androgynous and how many just "perceive themselves" that way, and want to have special treatment.

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Whilst I am not defending the mental illness here. Going to jail or prison isn't an adequate measure of anything, as there is no longer a true moral connection with the law.

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bpd moms make trannies... in the old days those ill women would have been maids to healthy people and if they still fucked and had kids, their kids would be dumped in the woods... as it should be.

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84% left to go...

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