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End conditional welfare. Everyone gets it or no one does. Right now it's a financial disaster for lower class mothers to marry low working class men. The resulting fatherlessness leads to far poorer outcomes for the next generation. We are farming vote slaves to gibs for the democrats.

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Thatll happen as soon as hell freezes over. We need more planned parenthood clinics with easy access to abortion. Best to end these fatherless nigs before they can even exist and be a drain on society.

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No way in hell 73% of black babies are born... at all.

That's the one positive aspect of abortion.

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how someone cannot agree .

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How do black kids even stand a chance when their parents are perpetual trash?

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I think the government should reallocate some of our taxes and give five thousand dollars cash to anyone over the age of eighteen who voluntarily gets themselves surgically sterilized. That's a lot of money to a lot of people and it's a one-time deal. The procedure and follow-up would be paid for in full by taxes, and the person gets five thousand dollars cash to never reproduce.

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It takes six working people to support one person on welfare. There are 52 million people on some form of means tested welfare in the US. If we could reduce the pigeon class by half, we could solve the national debt and raise average IQ.

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Trans would do this. They do it now without incentive.

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Low IQ High Testosterone Bastards raised in poverty by single mothers who beat them, what could possibly go wrong?

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we are subsidizing the stupid so they can breed while we tax the smart so they can not breed...diversity is ahhh.....fucked up?.. smart society you got there lmao

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I actually have to PAY for my kids and wifes health insurance, and subsidize these bums.

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Yeah. I pay too. My paycheck is ridiculous with extra taxes.

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Not really news tbh, this has been for a long while

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You misspelled brood.

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