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Would be interesting to also look at the prevalence of Borderline Personality Disorder in school teachers and child care workers. Particularly those working with younger children (3-8 years old).

encouraged symbiosis and discouraged the development of autonomy

I'll take Oedipus complex for $500, Alex

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The most demented people I ever met have always been female teachers. They get off on the power and it get worse as they rank up

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More accurately, 53% have been diagnosed.

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Came here to say this. My mother has a clear case of BPD but has never been diagnosed, because she will NEVER see a doctor about it and refuses any and all talk of self reflection as she doesn't want to be "shrinked out".

My father is a whimp who will never tell her right from wrong, and in my late 20s I am still fighting the disorders she nurtured in me (depressive with bad anxiety who cant sleep).

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Sorry to hear about your anxiety and depression. Something that helped me (as a son of a BPD mother) was getting into MMA. Its genuinely amazing how well you can work your issues out by just punching something. I mean, I guess you could also go to counseling, or drug yourself, but the violence thing worked pretty well for me.

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I have worked with many, many, many borderlines. Some are functional, some are flaming. Their main common factor is that they are attention whores.

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Nuttier than a squirrel turd...

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Gonna use that..

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Breaking News: The mentally ill are mentally ill!

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And come from mentally ill families! Who have a strong history of mental illness! Almost as if this problem is cumulative and predictable! Something that mandatory sterilization would have stopped before it snowballed into inordinate proportions!

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I wonder whether the genes that make BPD more likely also influence sex.

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I wouldn't say influence but from what I remember BPD is associated more with women.

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The biggest factor will be identity disturbance/unstable sense of self. Take a BPD mother who doesn't know who she is and have her raise a child and that child will be raised not knowing what it is either. If it inherits the mental illness genes then it has confusion over what it is on top of confusion about what it is. A double dose effectively. I guess it's no surprise.

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1991......yet somehow we still reached the conclusion that body mutilation is the answer?

But also, from comments on here talking about female teachers, seems there should be a psychological exam before being able to influence others' children and say hell no to all the batshit crazies

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I read that normal children raised in a gay home tend to have social and emotional problems.https://www.cbsnews.com/news/kids-of-gay-parents-fare-worse-study-finds-but-draws-fire-from-experts/

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draws fire from experts aka "oy vey shut it down"

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