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Lol... this was done on an Island... Obviously going to be different.

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Ellesmere Island, where these observations were made, is nearly (196.000 km²) as large as Great Britain, and is virtually uninhabited. Though wolves might behave differently in obviously restricted spaces, Ellesmere Island does not limit them so.

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yea because wolves behave differently depending on land structure. I wonder what penninular wolves do.

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dude did you even biology at school?

all animals behave differently to others in their species depending on their immediate environment.

quite literally all of them.

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Penis wolves

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The alpha male is more of a Gorilla thing. Females still get some action on the side though, in secret.

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And elephant seals.

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What is interesting about the alpha male of Gorillas is that the genetic/neurological adaptations are in reaction to social setting and behavior, rather than a purely genetic pre-determined selection of who won the lottery

If one alpha male dies, another can and will step up and you can see neurological transformations in their brain with an increase in density of dopamine receptors (and other hormones I assume)

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man you wanna look at what we are like if we got rid of every moral etc that we live by, you look at primates. theyre us. i also have a serious theory that people like rapists or thrill killers might very well have something not quite right somewhere deep inside that rather than being like what the rest of us have they may just be literally genetically thrown back somewhere and whatever it is thats broke is as primal as it can be.

aint no fucking cavemen bringing flowers on chocolates for a first date to the ballet. the human race is what it is today because our ancient ancestors stuck their cocks into anything that stood up on two legs whether it liked it or not.

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I absolutely agree the that salvage animal part of our psyche is still there and feels really good. But the sacrifices we make in order to have a civilization are worth it. Feel the monkey in you, sure. Howl to the moon if you want, but we are civilized people.

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Watching too much of that trumpsteinbergwitzmann's gorilla-channel, arent you? lol

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The state of science today is so bad that there's no point at all in taking any study seriously.

Scientific standards are too white male patriarchy apparently.

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I call bullshit.

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i call entirely possible if that particular er... wotsit.... family... area.... thing (not pack, more the general area theyre in) would suit them being more sociable than agressive that this could happen.

we already know its not the norm for every species or family of wolf.

that being said it sounds more like furries trying to propagandize themselves....

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Every link is turning up nothing that's too bad. Does that zip file have to be downloaded for them to work?

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I would have preferred a different link, where the links indeed function, though for some reason Voat would insist that this link was invalid and refuse to submit. After trying twice some hours apart, I considered mirroring (an archive of an archive) would allow me to circumvent this.

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OK Adam, now are you going to twist this fact to say that there is no such thing as alpha males?

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The guy who coined the term "Alpha Males' is spending his time trying to get people to stop using the term with regards to wolves because according to him there in no Alpha male in wolves. Which study seems to suggest.



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no saying that model isn't wing in the car of wolves.
but humans are a completely different genus, so comparisons don't translate well.
Wedlock is what I was getting at the retard Adam, from Adam ruins everything users this as roof that there is no such thing as alpha males at all. Like when Bil Nye used the example of clown fish to support gender spectrum in humans.

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which would say to me that the dude writing it is trying to suggest alpha, bad, everyone else, good, because?? and for some reason decided to use either genuine or an imagined pack of wolves of all things, rather than a species known for social fucking, to present his point.... why?

I smell a shitty diaper, mountain dew, and fucking rank fake fur.

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The concept predates him by a fucking thousand years or more he doesn't get to decide everyone else is wrong.

He didn't invent shit.