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I find it genuinely insulting for people to call them my equal.

I am in no way shape or form a savage, yet I constantly see the dindus behaving on par with wild animals.

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That's how you know the good guys lost the war. But we never claimed to be good. We claimed to be winners.

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man im not sure who decided that hugo boss designed uniforms and skulls and crossbones on their helmets were the bad guys...

EDIT - Fucksakes do i have to explain everything?

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I often decide the virtues of good an evil based on dress code.

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Soldiers with intimidating garb? Say it ain't so!

There weren't really good or bad sides in WWII if you ignore the communists in the equation. It was a brother war.

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no symbol is inherently evil. only what man places on it. The swastika is fucking awesome! I love it. though for some reason faggots hate it. I also loved rainbows as a kid, not I noticed faggots love them too. weird. Skulls represent a lot of things. If you are a military man, what is your number 1 thing to do. kill. easy. what makes you think of killing. a skull. wow this is easy. Hitlers art design was awesome.

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We've all seen the comedy skit, dickhole. Most elite units in the world have skull insignia.

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Apparently people had a lot more common sense in 1943.

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((())) here, you dropped these

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Jews always play both sides. They love race war.

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They knew that under the Nazis it would be less bad than with nigs, with the Krauts you go to the moon, with niggs ddown the drain.

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The Nazis should have won! The americans were used by the jews to fight against the Nazis. Henry Ford was right!

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Who lost WW2? White people. Many of us would rather see our countries and cultures destroyed than be compared to the boogeymen of the Nazis.

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I believe it but is there a legitimate source?

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Can you flip over to the page for the source of the supertext '19'

Would also like to see the source of that poll!

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