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Because we put bling before substance. Lazy

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I don't. It makes me think you are trash.

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You mean Niggers right. They love that shit.

Wife doesn't wear it or want it. She rather have other things instead.

Jewelry used to be something you would purchase in case of rough times. That was the same as with an engagement ring. It was supposed to be worth enough to cover your living costs for a month. It is why the tell you to spend 3 month salary.

I would never recommend diamonds. They aren't rare and lose value. I would take almost any other precious stone over a Diamond.

Diamonds are Jewish scam.

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Well ... the fact, as distinct from any prejudice, is that African-Australians are behind a string of robberies at jewellers shops in Melbourne.

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spend 3 month salary.

that was advertising by debeers.

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Diamonds are not rare. All jewelry is massively over priced. My friend used to run a mall jewelry store and their standard markup was 7x.