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Honest question - before you read this, where did you think Sodom and Gomorrah were?

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I figured the Middle east but had no idea it was in Israel. Thanks to Ancient Aliens episode I saw last night. haha

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I read somewhere on Voat that Ancient Aliens has better ratings than CNN.

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lol I know right, people need to read their Bible and understand the region.

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I wasn't trying to mock the guy. I was just curious where he thought Sodom and Gomorrah were. But I don't understand the people who explain away the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah for the sin of being inhospitable and not for wanting to basically rape the two angels.

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... how did you not know this...

you do know 'Megiddo' is a place too yeah? The place where the 'Battle of Armageddon' that it takes its name from (Har Megiddo)? Yeah its now called 'Tel Megiddo' and its a ruin under a hill. tl;dr city to be destroyed in final battle of man AKA the end game of the world all the worlds christians believe in was destroyed many centuries ago...


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I believe the book of Revelations tells the story of the fall of the Roman Empire.

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I heard somebody the other day say that it was the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans in 70 AD or something like that, and that all the real Jews were killed off. I have no idea, but he told about it pretty well.

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im right with you there as one of they would genuinely have been able to witness (although the reasons they give are a bit ott for me) so at least part of revelation is genuinely historical. but it doesnt really work for the catholic church if everyone thinks armageddon was milennia ago and we are actually living in gods time now.... which seems pretty degenerate if its true.

i think its called 'preterism'.

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Because of a documentary on History channel?

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You got any more cool facts I wanna know more cool Facts. Are you a popsicle stick or bottle cap?

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im kind of a cross between a fantales wrapper and the twist top fom a stubbie of fosters light ice. I also got pissed off playing trivia on IRC once back in like... '99 and ate the computer. Ive been feeling mesoamerica. no. giraffe. no. helicopter. no. Weird. Yeah weird, ever since. If you ever need to know anything about Paul Newman im your man.... fuck that place.


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Really makes you think.

Edit: Look at them dont votes. Fuck off Jews!

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They are in Israel but at the time of the biblical stories they should have been ruled by the Babylonian empire. Not jews.

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It's in Caanan not Israel. Israel didn't come to exist until Jacob wrestled with God down by the river and took on the name Israel (meaning "One who struggles with God". Fitting). Making his tribe the Israelites. This happened well after Noah did his thing and therefore well after Sodom was destroyed.

The 12 children of Israel that he had with his sister-wives were allowed in by the generosity of the Egyptians after Joseph went there and used his foresight to see a famine coming, he convinced the pharoah to confiscate a portion of the Egyptian people's crops and then sold it back to them when they were starving. To negate the debt the Egyptians allowed his family to move there. They reproduced WAYYYYYYYYYY too quickly and wouldn't fuck off so the Egyptians tried to make life a bit harder in order to slow their population growth. God then mind controlled the pharoah making him unreasonable when they asked to leave (which was probably what the Egyptians would've wanted in the first place anyway) which caused the plagues and whatnot.

It's a theme in the Bible going all the way back to Abraham of the jews using their God to strong arm people, like Abraham would allow himself to be cucked by a ruler who'd fuck Sarah thinking she was his sister. God would then curse the land making the women infertile until the ruler gave Abraham safe passage and cattle. And thats how Abraham made his fortune

The jews would leave Egypt and simple NOT STOP BITCHING even though their God had already worked miracles for them proving he'd take care of them. God tried to give them Caanan but when they were too big of pussies to fight for it and trust this diety he's like fine "you're all gonna wander until every single one of you is dead" and so they did. The next generation was able to enter cannan after the last generation died. They proceeded to slaughter every man woman and child in some cities and committed outright genocide. In some places no living creature was spared

On the back of that total genocide the land of Israel came to be settled by the 12 tribes.

The old testament is basically a bunch of stories about God dragging the jews kicking and screaming where he wants them to go while they complain the whole time and getting frustrated every now and again and killing a bunch of them.

Heck, while Moses was up on the mountain literally talking to God the jews had Aaron make them a golden calf and were like "this is our God now" they started worshipping that instead. So when Moses came down he got pissed, God got pissed. The tribe of Levi was tasked with going through the camp and killing people as punishment. Since they killed their own brothers they were considered apart and became the special priests of the group known as the Levites

You can summarize half of the adventures of the jews as

God says to do something -> a prophet comes down to lead them -> jews are like no -> jews attack prophet -> god retaliates and kills a lot of them

Personally i think theyre the "chosen people" the same way the special ed class is full of "special" kids. You're not actually special you just need the most help.

They suffer because they turn their backs on him and dont do what they're told. Now the jews think they can act all atheistic and degenerate while still living in Israel JUST coming off 2000 years of exodous in Europe and things will be perfectly fine? Their holy books say otherwise. Their actual holy books. Not that bastardization called the talmud thats the teachings and opinions of rabbis over the years and should hold no more sway than the current pope trying to tell Christians whats christ like against what actual scripture says

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*Believed to be.

The problem with ancient sites and the Bible is that you can never really tell. Time is relatively good at blurring the details as it marches on.

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and the degenerate city of San Francisco is in the USA.

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Almost everything in the bible happens in israel. What doesn't happens in the magical land of Eden.

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Egypt, Iraq, Jordan.

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That is what the Jews want you to believe. Yes, the Christian Bible is just an extension of the Jews through Paul. Why else would you have Jesus who states the holy kingdom is within you and not have a new standalone bible but nah, combine them, filter content and sheeple the masses.

The Sumer tablets have all the same stories and they predate the Jews. Go figure that they would plagurize. Hell even the zithers are more spot on than the Jews.

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Do you know how to find an intact "new standalone bible?"

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jews are jewing? What a surprise.

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