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Larger brains, smaller tits, no ass.

Basically the antithesis of the perfect woman.

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American woman - fat, bitchy (no the good kind), mouthy, needy, will take half your income for the rest of your life.

The only perfect ones I’ve seen are on Instagram or in porn mags. Except for Trumps import which I do approve of beyond a doubt!

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Smaller brain, bigger saggy tits, cellulite ass, number count 50+, entitled princess, herpes, early 30's and ready to settle down, attracted to you for your bank statement. Not quite getting the comparison.

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You know how I can tell you live in a big city?

Go to the country. You'll find the opposite, and more 22 year olds with good values than you ever imagined.

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Could just buy her implants

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You must be a Glock guy.

In all seriousness, though.. you'd still need to make her retarded somehow, which doesn't sound very.. smart. Haha.

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Butt and tit implants? Sounds expensive

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Asians got big heads and broad faces. When I used to do tours they would marvel at white people with their small faces. I think it's just neotony since Asians seemed to be ahead of the curve for selecting such traits.

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It's nice to have someone smart. Also the California White feminist types and disgusting bimbo Swedish Feminists is where you find White women are slowly jumping the shark, feminism has destroyed many Western Women ... Here's the science of dating https://archive.fo/eoYqp Oriental Asian women are the most sought after, followed by Whites males by women but except Black women who want their Black men. Nobody wants to fuck or date female Negroids, not even Black dudes want to be with Black Women. The Negroe women are often loud, some are smelly, they sometimes have more testosterone than White males or Yellow Asia Males, the Black females have higher rates of assault, theft, murder. I would think White males prefer Asian women because they are kind of exotic and will usually play the traditional woman/female/mother roll its what I have observed anyway. Asians also tend to keep their youth and looks while the Black in the USA seems to have a weird diet balloons out and looks like the Orcish thing, Asians don't stuff their body with fried chicken fast food. If Asians had bigger tits and more of an ass, different colored eyes maybe they would be closer to perfect but for some reason women were not designed perfect... i guess thats the way the universe works, maybe its a mans world afterall. Also divorce rates https://files.catbox.moe/bshevm.jpeg

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Big tits mean shit, might even consider it a trap. A lot of men will choose a mate with less desirable traits overall just to get to play with funbags that become lifeless sacks of soggyness after one or 2 kids.

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But this is cranial capacity adjusted for body size, except in figure 1. Brain size is correlated with IQ.

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yeah, hence why we will not close the IQ gap with more and more money thrown into education. IQ is pretty much determined by cranial size, amount of neurons, size of synapses, etc... Only thing can be done is to make sure they don't starve as children as that is one of the things that can hurt development.

Feminist hate biology so nothing changes anyways.

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Broad faces? Maybe if they're chubby.

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a rot rarger

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I haven't known a lot of Asian women, thank god, but the few I have met have proven to me that they think they are smart when in fact they are too stupid to realize how stupid they really are. On a side note, I've never even once understood how any white male could find their plain, slant eyed, bland, boy bodies attractive.

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It's easier to find a thin and conservative Asian than a white woman of the same type.

I'm not saying that's an excuse for miscegenation; just explaining why the attraction occurs.

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American Asian women tend to be more liberal. However, all women tend to be more liberal. I'm not sure what my point is.

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I always pictured you with a very conservative asian chick possessing an above average IQ.

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The thing that is hurting western woman the most are obesity and feminism. something like nearly 70% are overweight/obese and not to mention that feminism has taught these women to only focus on education. But I do agree, that an attractive Greek girl is probably objectively more attractive than a attractive east asian.

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70% are just plain jelly rolls! 20% are over weight, 5% are chubby and less than 5% are decent. Then you have to work amount the 5% who are decent and have to filter out the real bitches and gold diggers.

So I don’t know where all these guys who talk about good women find them nor do I see goats here talking about race purity even having anything that could be posted in the nude section of voat.

They aren’t unicorns but I sure as hell haven’t seen one in the building I work in which has about 600 people and the 2-3 I would fuck are towards the chubby side.

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white women are more physically attractive of course but some men don't see the bad attitude worth the trouble.

so much for all those instagram likes on their photos!

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again, like others have said, not an excuse for miscegenation, but the attitudes are the worst in the world (this is well documented), and probably the worst in all of human history, and each one of them starts the whole process over even if you build up a report with a group of people countering the propaganda they're fed. the propaganda fed to them is too strong. then there are men hovering around these women.

Actually, something I absolutely confirmed recently (and I did not come to this realization when I was a teenager, even though it was right in front of my face) that women are more bothersome to attractive women than men. Further, these women hovering around the more attractive women act exactly like beta males vying for her attention. It's really weird. Can you imagine having that many people trying to cram themselves up your ass ? How the fuck could you interpret anything around you properly? This is probably a big reason sociable, attractive women act like dice; it's perpetual confusion.

To put the beta male acting women into perspective, it's like a dog barking at and chasing a car - they don't know what to do even if they catch the car. These women aren't going to have sex with this girl even if they "catch" her, but it doesn't stop them from their barking and chasing., the same as the dog.

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I’ve never understood why guys like women who blimp before they turn 32. These same guys with fat wives always stare at my wife’s flat ass. Go figure!

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And they still can't drive to save their lives.

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I've heard that extra brain matter is in the part of the brain that's dedicated towards categorizing everyone into a ladder that ranks people by social standing. That's why asians seem so materialistic and seem to be so shrewd and heartless when choosing their friends and romantic partners.

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Men and women are equal they said. No differences at all they said.

Are we to believe that women aren't divine creatures from sent directly from heaven to validate men's existence by means of attention? There are going to be a lot of upset betas.

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Anyone who believed what they said were fools.

No one of a sane mind who had ever been around other people would believe it.

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It's funny. They have much larger brains, and are much smarter than other races, yet after they get their doctorates, and become qualified professionals, they marry another doctor where they now work, make babies, and stay home looking after them.

They're more intelligent than we thought.

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