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One person, Faisal Hussain, is responsible and only he should be held accountable. Don’t allow this tragedy to be an excuse for bigotry.

Accusing a muslim for doing muslim things is bigotry. But on the other hand, all his other tweets accusing white men of bigotry and white nationalism or white supremacy is simply speaking truth to power. .

These useful idiots wouldn't know a white nationalist if they were hanging like traitors.

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At this point i feel like a Group of Muslims could nuke New York City and Liberals would still claim that Islam isn't responsible

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Right, violence is part and parcel of living in a big city. No one is ever responsible for crimes or violence there. Well, unless he's white, then all whites are criminals then.

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Difference is that normies won't listen to liberals after that, there's a limit to variety pet acceptance, it's all fun and games until it turns full blown nigger nightmare

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They were only trying to build a clock I'm sure.

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They say this shit because they want people to feel safe living amongst the muslims that are there to kill them. Their only goal is as many innocent deaths as possible. Nobody "important" is ever going to die by them, this risk is for peasants alone and they know it.

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1400 years, they kill in every country they ever get into and kill and kill and kill and these twats think they know what's going on.

Refer to douchebags like this guy as isis recruiters

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We should keep a running total of the monthly Muslim killings to provide direct evidence to refute this happy feely claim of it's not the Muslims.

I believe it IS the Muslims. Nice to have the stats to prove it.

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His extremist religious fanatasism did indeed make him act and carry out. You fucking denial idiot.

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the comments to that tweet seem pretty based. gives me a bit hope

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Never mind the WELL DOCUMENTED 1,400+ years of Barbaric Savagery that drips from their history. All that means nothing because Islam is the religion of peace & if you don't believe it you're a Gad Damn Nazi that should be punched in the face by feminized Marxist Soy Boi's.

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