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Death at a Penn State Fraternity - The Atlantic

'Fraternity members live under the shadow of giant sanctions and lawsuits that can result even from what seem like minor incidents. '

'Fraternity brothers with garbage bags appear in the footage and start cleaning up the evidence. '

'In the courtroom, the 16 fraternity brothers (two had waived their right to a preliminary hearing) backslapped one another and exchanged fist bumps. '

'Some fraternity members head off to class, and in the fullness of time they return. '

'Perhaps he is hoping that this door will be easier to open; perhaps he is hoping that it also leads out of the fraternity house. '

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For most of their long history, fraternities pretty much did as they pleased. But in the 1980s, parents of injured and dead children began to fight back: They sued the organizations and began to recover huge sums in damages. Insurance companies dropped fraternities en masse. Because of this crisis, the modern fraternity industry was born, one that is essentially self-insured, with fraternities pooling their money to create a fund from which damages are paid.