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Its radius is larger than Jupiter's orbit.

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And still 1/4 as fat as your mother.

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no u

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I thought uranus would be bigger.

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Clitoris majoris. Right next to uranus.

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holyo fuck, that's a lot of mass.

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LMAO, is it bad, i was waiting for a 'Your Mom's ass' comparison at the end of that?

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Yeah, I would have figured it was VY Canis Majoris as well.

This link talks about it, but oddly, they don't mention Vy Canis Majoris.

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It has been said that astronomy is a humbling and character-building experience.

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I don't keep up as well as I should but there are, as I recall, at least a half dozen that are larger - much larger in some cases.

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If there are, I'd like a link to see them.

As far as I am aware, the recent discovery of this star is it, until another can be discovered.

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I just did a quick search and there's at least six larger than Canis Majoris.


I'm not sure that's up to date. There was a couple of blurbs on one of the astronomy sites recently. So, there may be one or two more.

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You seem to be confusing apparent magnitude with size.

Edit: both of which your mother exceeds.

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