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Look up David Cole goes to Auschwitz. It's a documentary, done by a jew, that finds huge inconsistency.

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Appreciate you posting that. Unlike the people pushing propaganda, we want you to look at the evidence, we aren't going to try and shut down debate or hide behind emotional appeals.

It's worth considering the following:

  • Why would Germany ship millions of people hundreds of miles away, only to keep them alive long enough to gas them?
  • Why not shoot them in the head like in every other genocide?
  • How come the map of ever "death camp" was revised and only included areas controlled by the Soviets?
  • If the jewish bodies were cremated, and a cremation under modern standards requires the BTU output of 100 lbs of coal, * where did Germany get all this coal from?
  • Why does Six Million Jewish Victims appear over a dozen times prior to WWII?
  • Why are you not allowed to ask any of these questions?