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Jewelry, has Jew in it for a reason. It's one of their greatest low rent scams ever. They take a shiny rock, put some shiny metal to it and wear it and convince the Goy that you need these to express your love for some dumb bitch who thinks you need to give Jews a few months salary so she can wear a Jew trinket on her finger.

Jewelry markup is insane. I was in retail once and dabbled in it and found out just what a serious fuckjob it is. The good ones know how to make the jewelry from scratch, that way it's fucking crazy cheap. Sure there some 'art' to it, there had fucking better be, there's another scam, art, but I digress.

It's how low rent Jews slimed around the planet, building up bankrolls. They didn't have anything 'real' to offer, so it's a scam. Know this, when you walk into that fancy Jewelry store at the Mall or some other fancy location, it's all a scam. You're paying to walk into a 'fancy looking' place with a fancy name. It's all presentation, lots of pretty shiny and 'glamor' but it's pure bullshit. You're about to be raped for the highest markup known to mankind.


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Bogus info. Give me a source. Jews and diamonds are well known, diamonds are practically worthless, but Jewelry has a different origin.