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And yet billions of people believe the holocaust according to the survivors .

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Holocaust implies fire, burning people, but much of the tales are extreme exaggerations and flat out lies. There was no actual genocide, it was those were labor camps, some died, yes, of typhus and starvation. How did the starvation come about? There was a lot of bombing and supply lines were cut. The claim is 6 million jews died but that is a brutally clear lie, there weren't even 6 million jews in all of Europe.

So what if the holocaust is a lie and there was no genocide, doesn't make jews that bad, right?

1917 jewish bolshivek commie revolution of Russia, funded and lead by jews, upwards of 100 million whites and Christians were tortured, enslaved and genocided.

jewish kalegri plan, today jews are pushing non-whites, pushing for race mixing, oppressing and enslaving whites, their goal is to exterminate whites globally, it's happening now.

If Hitler is sooo horrible for using jews as prison labor, through what I've mentioned, what does that make jews? The worst people on Earth, easily.


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many of the Auschwitz survives talked about a soccer field and playing the guards on Sundays, swimming in a heated pool. A quick Google look

But you think what you like


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There's also the official red cross death totals that was kept classified for decades because it eviscerates the 6million claim. It breaks down the death tolls per detainment camp over the full course of the war. The grand total, of jews gypsies and others, was only 271,504.


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Look up David Cole goes to Auschwitz. It's a documentary, done by a jew, that finds huge inconsistency.