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Waco, Ruby Ridge, and WTC bombing all happened within a year of each other, and all most likely had federal operatives involved. The Feds even sold the WTC bomber the explosives. Unbelievable.

The OKC Federal building bombing happened a couple of years later, and Timothy McVeigh probably had people on the federal payroll goading him too.

Edit: The initial draft of the Patriot Act was penned by Biden prior to the OKC bombing. It's designed to stop "domestic terrorism" - which more and more seems like federal agencies enticing right wing groups to stand up against the government.

Ammon Bundy was found not guilty of the Oregon Federal reserve standoff because it was discovered that 3/5 of the militia members were on the Fed's payroll. The guy in charge of recruiting was on the Fed's fucking payroll.


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I've always found McVeigh to be a "free agent".

Did you hear what his last words were? He had a poem read aloud

"I am the captain of my fate"


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he had accomplices that were never identified. Right before his execution he claimed he would talk, but they executed him anyway.


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Back in the 90's, there was talk about the "brown skinned leg" in the rubble, unaccountable, unrelated to anyone in the OKC building. Don't know how much that got told, there was no internet back then to pass on redpills.


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Don't forget McVeigh was at Waco.


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Just so people understand, he was not involved in the Branch Davidians directly. He was there observing the siege from a short distance like many other people. Supposedly OKC was in response to Waco and Ruby Ridge.

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I don't think it was staged, I think Bundy was manipulated into it.