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It turns out I'm not that interesting after all :p Love you regardless :)

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Thank you, those are some really kind words, much appreciated! I'll try to pop in more often, but honestly, I don't believe you guys really need a leader. You are self-sufficient and so far our hands-off approach has worked pretty well for most of the time. You now have this platform and you need to make the best of it and use it for meaningful things. Instead of posting meaningless meme crap, share your thoughts and ideas, share information, organize something IRL...


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Everything you've said is true. This isn't the first time Atko has amazed and impressed me, or earned my greatest respect, and I know it won't be the last.


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You just gave SaneGoatISwear your blessing to doxx anyone on the site. What if others aren't as comfortable with having their personal information posted as you are?


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Why did you do this?

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So basically he allows something he has no control over?


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Atko's identity was already known,

But fuck you Sane, this is as bad as the strikethrough exploit you did, or the threats of blackmailing against Fuzzy. Stick to discussions and stop fucking with shit to get your message across.



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Atko is Swedish? I didn't know that.

Jävligt bra websida, tack @atko.



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Sane I honestly cannot fucking stand you. You are the man of mountains created from molehills. There may be an issue with the way doxxing is handled on Voat, but my impression is that the admins don't care unless it's related, legally, to Voat. The world isn't going to end if this isn't sorted out until the next doxxiban.

You have got to stop with the fucking spam though, the redirects to your thread in every fucking forum on Voat. You are just as bad as Amalek, if not, worse.

Edit: also your up and down vote usage is sketchy as fuck. Are you using a bot?


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This has been pretty public knowledge for quite a while, I particularly liked the article about Atko which described his time living among goats.

He is an interesting character and I think that what he has done with this place is pretty awesome, I know that you have issues with some of the Admin policies (as does our friend and foil Amalek) but that doesn't take away from the average Goat's minds' what Atko has accomplished here.

That being said, I also appreciate your constant testing of the Admins, without opposition a virtual Dictatorship can run amok, as has happened over at the now defunct old place. If you care to take up the mantle of Devils Advocate I wish you well, just don't expect a ton of thanks for what you do.

My 2 cents.

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