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The major difference is that the DNC actually had media backing, though. GOP basically just had Fox News behind them at the time. The DNC this time around, however, could actually put up an entire facade by putting up a few slanted major polls, causing the others to bend to them. Through that, they could sway the opinion of anyone easily convinced by the MSM, in order to help prevent any bleedoff of their voterbase due to the fact that they were really pushing Clinton. That they managed to hold on as well as they had, shows that they knew their voterbase quite well and simply didn't care for the rest of the voters.

The only reasons that this failed (regarding their side) are that people on the internet became better at finding, retaining, and disseminating information, and that Clinton has a lot of negative information on the internet. A number of borderline voters were pushed away from her because of it, and she ultimately needed them to win. She actually still won the popular vote (barely), but didn't hold enough battleground states because of that small push.

The core DNC group actually knew it would be close from their internal polling. You can see it in some of the Wikileaks e-mails. Their plan just happened to rely on misleading everyone else, so they had to "drink the coolaid".