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The "Fairness" Doctrine was a way of ensuring cultural hegemony, nothing more.

Like him or hate him, but Rush Limbaugh's show was only possible after the Doctrine lapsed. The entire culture of alternative media followed.

Consider that the Fairness Doctrine would have prevented, for example, the truth about Bill Clinton from ever getting out. Newsweek had it, but spiked the story, and it only got out because of the Drudge Report, which would NEVER survive under a Fairness Doctrine not because it has a point of view, but the people put in charge of determining its value would kill it in an instant.

The Fairness Doctrine was never about Fairness, it was about Control.

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I was commenting in the interest of educating, not "correcting". Sorry if my tone was off.


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The path to hell is paved with good intentions.