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I don't disagree with you in principle, but I've also seen what integration has done to my community. I didn't seek to racism or racist ideals. They found me.

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I've had numerous black and middle Eastern friends. I don't subscribe to a blanket theory that all of X group are a specific way. I WILL eye them with suspicion and mistrust until proven otherwise however. Not all dogs bite. Not all snakes are venomous. Not all mushrooms will kill you. But you'd be am idiot to let your guard down and risk your life or well being just because society tells you to


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Racism is one of those double-meaning words.

On one hand, you have the belief that races have different characteristics, either by nature or nurture. Hate need not be applied to this form of racism.

One the other, you have the belief that certain races are inherently (by nature) superior/infiror, and as a result more/less deserving of equal treatment.

One of those meanings is a realist argument, the other is ideological. They arent nessesarilly mutually exclusive, but they tend to be.

Thats my understanding anyway. If Im a racist for believing that japanese are better at math than mexicans, then put me down. That's a statistical fact. I dont however, think that mexicans are any less deserving of equal treatment under the law, based on their abilities to solve trig problems.


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What truth? African Americans come from a widely diverse group of people with a lot of genetic diversity. You can't make a blanket statement about an entire continent of people who have had sometimes hundreds of thousands of years of isolation from one another. That is like saying that all whites have higher testosterone than all asians, and commit more crime than Asians, and are more likely to be incarcerated. It's just not true of entire groups of people.


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are over-represented in the prison population and in the welfare system? I'm racist because the truth is racist.

I'm not surprised at all about this, you just have yet to explain why. I mean cops booked me on a DUI not long ago when I refused a test and then they made me out to be a murderer because they found a legally owned gun in the car. They said in the police report that I told them I was going to kill my ex wife with it, and I don't even have an ex wife, never been married. They also took my clothes, called me suicidal, said I had armor piercing rounds and I was a would-be cop killer. This was in a nice neighborhood too. They said if I did not plead guilty to DUI they would slam me with everything and frame me as some murderous thug. Employers are not going to look kindly at that shit, and you know what happens to people who can't get jobs? If you said welfare then ding ding ding! You are correct!

After having seen first hand what police do to people I have no problem believing they do it to black people twenty fold. Hell, former police officers have came forward ADMITTING they do it to people

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I pray you never have it imposed on you then my friend. Having a child raped. Being mugged. A home invasion. It's all just a story on the news until it happens to you.

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I live in an extremely diverse community and it has done nothing but enrich the entire town. Asian immigrants brought great food with them and fostered more Asian themed elements like plant habitat, a festival, and some structural and decorative influences. There were issues early on, but over the years they seem to have become both productive and influential.

African immigrants also brought food and culture with them, and make up a sizable (in proportion to percentage of population) number of those who are entering local colleges. Although there have been some issues, continue to be issues, believe it or not, it is those in the black community that were born here, to more poverty stricken areas, that are the most anti-intellectual and violent--not the immigrant population--which indicates a cultural issue and not a biological one as Voat loves to put forth. Although it should be mentioned that their wealth and influence has been increasing for decades and now urban/suburban areas that were once white are now mixed neighborhoods. It is a cause of friction in some areas as cultures collide, but historically this always happens when groups merge on a cultural and economic level, it usually evens out with time.

There are also a lot of immigrants from Middle Eastern countries, who are actually one of the quietest groups, and one of the largest groups (percentage wise) going to school at the community college level. Most of the violence and racism going on here is from racist whites with little education and Fox news shitting into their ears. For the most part they are integrating just fine, especially the second generation and/or younger people who have immigrated here. I think the group that has the most problems are the oldest people who come in from the more Islamic conservative areas, as they are stuck in their ways, while the younger people, and those who were born here, are much more open and easy going.

I guess my point is this: if you seek out racist ideals you are likely to find reasons to make them real, but almost always they are dangerous generalizations that omit the much more complex realities of who are involved and what is going on. Not all blacks come from the same areas, have the same culture, or behave badly; not all Middle Eastern or Asian immigrants come from the same countries, or have the same cultures and beliefs--it is therefore an act of error to make racist assumptions about who they are and what they believe.

When I see some raggedy looking black dude or loud fat black lady screaming profanities at someone, looking for a fight, treating people like shit, and generally being disrespectable towards those around them, I can get a little racist too, but it ends there and I realize these are often the behavioral flaws of individuals and elements of a slowly retreating culture. I have seen plenty of white people in some of the more ghetto-fied areas acting the same. So it is not just a black issue, it is a poverty issue and lack of education that is a breeding ground for anti-intellectualism, behavioral problems, and developmental issues that impact brain development.

If you want to change the issues you speak about then we have to invest in alleviating the conditions that sustain these problems, by investing in ourselves. Otherwise, they will continue. Each person should be treated as an individual and not as part of a generalized group until they give you reason to do otherwise. Know what I mean?


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You seem like a cuck


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What is the name of this place?

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