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Wow, your own subverse. Things are looking up for you! Haha. Anyway, sarcasm aside, 30's will be the best decade of your life. Assuming you did things somewhat right. Partied in your teens/20's, stable job now with good income because you're not an idiot, and millions of single people looking for someone stable, still like to go out occasionally but no need to party until it's 8am, love to drink/smoke but less then you used to, video games on the side or even a lot but not your whole life, fine dinning but pizza or hotdogs is more than fine, etc. You get my point I think. This is when you finally figure out how the world is, whether you like it or not(no one does by the way), and just get to be happy and enjoy some of the fruits of your labor. Granted it would be a shitload better if it weren't for all the illegal immigrants and low IQ pions, but fuck it, this is your one life, be happy and remember you don't give a shit.

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This is all so great I had to immortalize it. ====>

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Suddenly at older than I'd like to say, meta shitposting happens. Top Kek! You win the internet today.

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Hopefully my crypto portfolio matures enough before I turn 30 next year

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I'll see you faggots in a year and a half!

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Oh look another internet point farming subverse

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