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This is why you cut the damned thing into little cubes, send it back and just leave if they bring back the steak you cut into cubes. They damned well know how to do it right the first time but they want to waste your unrefundable time. They are literally shifting the cost of being unable to stand up to the customer onto you. Fuck everything about that.


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Ooooh, nice.

Check for spit, too.

But seriously, they should just do it correctly.

I just ordered a burger cooked medium (which, for some reason God only knows, is different from steak medium).

We'll see what I get.


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All you need to do is light a match under your cut, anymore than that is overcooked.


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For those that want the TL;DR

Restaurants are under cooking your steaks on purpose because of costs. If they over cook it, they have to toss it out and start again. If they under cook it, they can toss it back on the grill and fire it back up to cook it a little longer.

I noticed this trend about ten years ago and there's certain steak places I will never visit again because of it. Your costs aren't my concern. Hire better cooks and chef's, don't give the patron a worse dinning experience.