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In English and several Western languages, the guardian lions are often referred in a multitude of name such as: "Fu Dogs"

Fu dogs.

Now I'm not saying you're wrong. But it turns out you are in fact a dinkleburger.

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Hey ya stooge, ya bloody gronk, if you made a statue of a cat and called it Mrs Meowmaz and i came up to it and said, "hey, that looks like a big pile of shit! Im goung to call it a fu shit." Would that make the cat statue you made now be called a fu shit? Or would it still be a statue of a cat called Mrs Meowmaz and me calling it a fu shit is dumb? That is a statue of a gaurdian lioness, you can tell because the males have one foot on the planet and the goils have one foot on a baby. Ching chong china man stuck his dick into a fan, you could learn much from this.

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