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there's decent paganism, but norse is a load of crap. Try Epona the goddess of horses and fertility worshipped by roman cavalrymen As far as (((them))) that might be possible but I also remember reading an arcive of an article from a jewish paper about how jews must oppose paganism for it's glorification of nature

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I can see that. Jews hate nature because you can't fake things. Either the biology is alive and healthy (can reproduce offspring that can reproduce) or it's not.

There's talk in some globalist books about pushing forward paganism (neopaganism) as potentially the "new religion" that HG Wells talks about in Open Conspiracy. I don't remember which book discussed paganism specifically, possibly a Bzrezinski or Bertrand Russell book, but it was confirmed later by the Alain de Benoist book being pushed. Alain had globalist connections as well.

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it was something about how nature didn't have support for disadvantaged groups. Really depends what religion I could see norse being used after marvel bastardized it