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Hail Odin! The progenitor of the Germanic peoples!

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Hopefully we see more people go back to the old ways.

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I’ll take the armor and the ravens, trade the lance for a long gun, and what the fuck are those muppet looking dogs? If they are war mongrels, then so be it

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I'm always so scared that some savages are gonna smash these beauties up.

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Armor, helmet, nice sword, wild animals... sandals?

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Goddamn right the man has a solid pair of sandals.

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Username checks out

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Pigeons on statues have been around for a LONG time apparently.

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Dvs but no refutation. Interesting how compatible most of what I read here is with transhumanism. Wearing animal skins to embody their spirits, transgender/hermaphrodites, homosexual acts for "spiritual power", it's very Crowley-an. Makes me think the resurgence of paganism is manufactured by (((them))).

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there's decent paganism, but norse is a load of crap. Try Epona the goddess of horses and fertility worshipped by roman cavalrymen http://epona.net/. As far as (((them))) that might be possible but I also remember reading an arcive of an article from a jewish paper about how jews must oppose paganism for it's glorification of nature