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Hmm, one three things would likely happen:

1) they fight, and the Ori army screws up and forfiets hyperdive technology to the wraith, the wraith being so totally outside the experience of the Ori. The Wraith use the hyperdrive tech to reach the Milky Way or the Ori Galaxy (or both). Unable to field a major invasion on the scale of the Ori, small raiding parties leave the galaxy in search of new human stock. Replicators are still unable to gain an appreciable advantage over the wraith.

2) The Ori themselves see the Wraith as an abomination created by heresy and utterly destroy them with ascended power out of contempt for (and in spite of) their creators (Lanteans/Alterans). A war between the Ori and the Replicators erupts over the planets with human populations. Ori wish to convert the people to Origen, Reps wish to convert the people (and planets) into resources. Not being alive is the greatest strength the replicators have against the Ori.

3) They recognize their common enemies (Tau'ri) and work together, launching a dual invasion of the Milky Way. Surviving Goa'uld (and probably Tok'Ra) attempt to parlay with the incoming power structure to ensure they have a place. Of course, the Ori eliminate the moribund snakes. The Pegasus galaxy is left undefended against the Replicators, who strike at any Wraith who Did not join the invasion.


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The hyperspace tech isn't really their problem, sure better drives would help, but the real issue is power generation. It's why with the zpm wraith ships are nye undeffetable.

Also Pegasus replicators don't really have the drive or want to convert/assimilate worlds. They where made to fight the wraith and are closer to androids than true milkey way/avalon/orilla replicators. They only attacked human worlds, with the exception of Atlantis to deny resources to the wraith.