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And with this announcement starwars is officially dead to me.


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Currently Kennedy is producing the untitled Episode IX.



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https://archive.fo/VRvF4 :

Star Wars Head Gets Three-Year Extension - GameSpot

' Meanwhile, the Star Wars universe is expanding more and more into the small screen, with planned projects from Jon Favreau and the upcoming Star Wars: Resistance. '

'Solo: A Star Wars Story brought in a disappointing $392 million, which is estimated to have been a loss. '

'The four Star Wars films have already grossed more than $4.5 billion, not even including additional profits from merchandising. '

'Star Wars lead producer Kathleen Kennedy will be heading up the franchise well into the future. '

'Disney CEO Bob Iger recently commented that the Star Wars movies may have been "too much, too fast" and created franchise fatigue. '

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