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Adapting the bio-tech of species 8472 would have made them more of a threat, requiring a larger alliance of alpha quad. races. Bring in the Tholians dammit!

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What about they assimilate some alien race and end up being overtaken? The Borg all seem to lose anything they had from back when they were members of their respective species. Which is kind of boring. Surely if the collective takes on a million Klingons, they'd be at least vaguely more warrior-like.

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They run into another assimilating culture and absorb each other into a galactic superpower.

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would any of you watch a Borg spin-off, where they encounter different aliens and galaxies.

similar to this comment by v/absurdlyobfuscated


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You can use @username to reference usernames, or /u/username.

I'd watch that. Hell, any spinoff with a focus on an alien race could work, or even like how they went a lot more in-depth with the Ferengi in DS9.

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ah, thanks for the tip. yup, I liked your comment. there is a lot of potential to make a great Borg show from your premise. ds9 definitely grew on me after the first couple of seasons. fucken ferengi (())

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I think they ruined the Borg in the TNG episode, Descent. The aftermath of the thing they uploaded in I, Borg and how it destroyed their collective nature just didn't seem plausible at all. Everything just fell apart after that.

They made such a good villain as the enemy of individuality itself. Where defeat in traditional conflict meant you die or face suffering and anguish, defeat by the Borg meant the death of what makes you unique and significant as a person when you become yet another drone in the collective. They absolutely would have needed to keep their original collective, anti-individual dynamic to stay interesting. Losing it makes them just another monster chasing the good guys around that you could substitute with literally any other enemy and have the same effect - space zombies/ants or Romulans or generic_alien_species_42, it would all work the same.

I could imagine a lot of ways that interactions with different species or different circumstances could lead to some really interesting stuff. Maybe they could have some kind of schism and had different Borg factions at odds with each other. Some kind of superalien could use the Borg as a weapon by subtly manipulating their collective thought patterns to control them and order them around as they please. Some kind of time travel event could bring in future Borg and show how they've progressed into an ultimate cataclysmic threat to the entire universe, and give the current Borg a chance to reconsider the consequences of their all-assimilating behavior. As creative as the series could get, they certainly could have found better ways to integrate the Borg into more elaborate plotlines that preserves their original essence.

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They should have sprinkled in a few episodes here and there where they run into the Borg and don't win. A narrow escape with the loss of a few crew members and no Borg casualties. Just to remind us that the Borg are a real threat.

Makes the viewer perk up a bit when the Borg come around. You want the reaction to a Cube to be "oh shit" every time.

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Interesting question. Had thoughts about this a lomg time ago, and haven't considered in a while.

What if Enterprise crew, or someone acting on their own (maybe someone secretly like 1/8th El Aurian) did release that puzzle to crash the Borg? Maybe only a small fraction of them with some biological quality allowed them to not go entirely extinct. Or maybe it simply paralyzed them in the quadrant, or something?

Maybe this could have been a Maquis op, which could have built greater division going into Voyager series?

I don't know. The initial premise behind the Borg was so compelling, partly because it seemed there would be no other chance of dealing with them after passing up the opportunity that Picard didn't take.

Maybe simply having them fall back, regrouping to deal with the hornets nest that was species 8472.

On a side note, it always bothered me that after enough run ins with the Borg, they never did create a contingency using projectile weapons. Certainly a Borg response team with shotguns would be a better plan then havimg Data & Worf wrestle with them.

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I always figured Borg could engineer personal physical shields, they just never did because of the rarity of projectile weapons in the species they were up against.

As an out-of-universe consideration I think the writers just found it easier to give the heroes a limited amount of phaser shots to give some drama to proceedings.

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I always like them but I was a kid when they came out. I was saying earlier when my dad took me to the midnight premier of first contact it scared the he'll out of me, ha.

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