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Fuck anyone who ever uses the "It was all a dream" plot device. Fuck them, turn them into potato salad, and feed them to a goddamned flock of pigeons.

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I'm going to have to agree with you on this one.

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Speaking during a panel at Star Trek Las Vegas, Behr revealed that he really wanted the series finale to call back to the popular season six episode “Far Beyond the Stars,” revealing that the entire story of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was actually the dream of science fiction writer Benny Russell.>

Yeah that would have fucking ruined it.

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That was a stupid idea

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And impossible.....cross overs with TNG were in play in the TNG series.

I may know too much

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That sounds fucking awful.

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That would have been great for a voyager ending.

Frame it all as janeways worried about her future as a captain. And dreams the entire series.

Would have played well into why the characters lacked depth.