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He's the definition of a Gamma Soyboy. The hate stems from that more than his annoying minor "acting" role.

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Who allowed a child on the bridge?

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Does anyone still care what he thinks? I thought even the other SJWs had discarded him by now.

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His mom should've handed him to Worf and said "hey do me a solid -- send this lil fuccboii back to the Klingon world to stay with your family awhile. He can come back to Starfleet, but not until you give your word of honor that he's not such a swishy lil bitch anymore"

That'd have straightened it out. He'd probably have complained about it at first but inside, Worf would have thought "it must be my birthday, lel"

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You ever wonder if the heads of klingon dicks are as ridged as their regular heads?

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I'm surprised the soyboy isn't bitching that picard is white

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He sure has thin skin for someone who has been in the spotlight for so long.

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Imagine hearing the same joke everyday for 30years.

How long before you ger sick of it?

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sigh Fine. Shut the fuck up Wil.

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Being called out as a little faggot must have hurt the little faggot's feelings. He should stop talking and go live in the desert so he won't bother anyone.