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It's good to be offended sometimes. Makes you stronger and forces you to confront the weakness of your positions.


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Agreed, except they just introduced a new family, the "whites" and have in no subtle manner implied they are all that stands before a better world.


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They didn't expect to keep Garrison on as president, and it's been anti-Trump since before the election. But the last few episodes are just tedious to watch: unsympathetic characters, and boring stories. That's new for the show, but all good things...

Edit: Just saw the latest one before the latest one, and it was more funny than they'd been. Maybe they aren't hopeless.


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the absurdity of the trump storyline...he nuked canada...he's hunting children in the woods...he's literally the bogeyman...he ate a rat.

the 'approval ratings' thing...that was just funny to me because do you think Trump gives a fuck about his approval ratings right this second? I don't. Do I give a fuck about them? Nope. Do you? Doubt it.

It's a portrayal of the mindset of the Trump Deranged. And in that lens I find it pretty fucking spot on.

The Whites, well, they're portrayed as innocuous at least. Hey yo we like Christmas and shit. Okay so also their gripes were mostly trivial.


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The 80's music montage was pretty fucking funny.

The way Trump is portrayed as a child hunting monster is just so absurd that it's also commentary on "Trump Hysteria" or whatever.

The Whites: Well at least they weren't portrayed as villainous, maybe a bit doofy though.

The PC Principal/Strong Woman thing was also pretty funny but seemed to trivialize the Hollywood scum. At least showed how hypocritical the PC/Feminist brigade is.

Anyway the show is Blue/Jewpilled asf but it still has it's moments. Probably won't age well though.