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Newb: so my mechanic can't figure out why my car makes a terrible thunking sound between 35 and 55 mph

Voatgoat1: did you try calling him a niggerfaggot?

Voatgoat2: he's probably a jew!

@Dial_Indicator: I have to mow my lawn

@Aged: (posts seminude loli with a ballgag)

@Kevdude: pay no attention to Dial_Indicator!

@zyklon_b: try inflating your tires to 1990 PSI

@gabara: I have solved your problem by stomping yoir car flat and eating it like a cracker

Sanegoat alt: Voat is a honeypot (pings @PuttItOut 50 times)

random Qloon: Q predicted this!

Tradwife: RealMen(TM) know how to fix their own vehicles, you incel

Incel: (sob) no one loves us in this terrible modern world

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See? I fucking told you that it'd be awesome.

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It was everything i hoped it would be

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Chaos is the only cure for Order.

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