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So my theory that you were sky king has been debunked. Sad.

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Tragic too?

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Which death?

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I don't know, I can't keep up with all my reincarnations, mate :)

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The King is dead, long live the King

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He has risen...

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That will be the yeast :p

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Aaaaaaaah, yay!!!!!! :D

The news about funding your adventures have been squashed and the credit note for the trip is a write-off, you are in the clear regarding all expenditures and we may even get it all back as a donation. This much I do know ;)

Dang this is the best day ever!

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Dear US IRS,

It's probably time to audit Nadeshda, she knows too much.

Hope things are going great for you and that autumn isn't too cold for you. (I wish we called it "fall" down here, autumn is such a pain to spell for the epically retarded like myself).

I'm in a place called the Bay of Islands at the moment which is a stunningly beautiful part of NZ. Only problem is it's overrun with murican bus tours right now. Still, I make sure I tease them about your prez :p

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Lol, I have missed you Sir, at this point of time you may actually be waking up. Shh I should be sleeping but ah it escapes me.

Yes, fall is so much easier to spell and we are having crazy weather in my parts atm, this whole week has been gloomy, then sunny, then torrential rain then drizzly then repeat. All within an hour. Schizophrenic weather syndrome for sure.

Life is going well actually even though very busy would much rather be chillin at the Bay of Islands with you over a barbie :) ah a vacation, I need a vacation...

So you remembered your password? This is so good, did it accidentally come to you in the middle of logging on absentmindedly? Lol

This happened to me and Nadeshda was resurrected but honestly @Puttko helped I sm sure of this.

You should really should try get Mick stirred up again, not sure if you have tried yet.

@heygeorge and the gang have been awesome in your absence but you have been sorely missed. It just feels right when you are here mate.

Anyway this is panning up to be a long reply and I really should try and go to sleep. Lol.

Speak soon :)