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Every time I see someone try to refute an argument using Snopes, PolitiFact or Wikileaks I just shake my head.

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The real crime is that bluetooth headset.

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https://archive.fo/Sh3us :

Facebook 'fact checker' Snopes.com accused of defrauding website to pay for prostitutes | Daily Mail Online

"One of the websites Facebook is to use to arbitrate on 'fake news' is involved in a bitter legal dispute between its co-founders, with its CEO accused of using company money for prostitutes.", "In the time since the couple split, David has run the company's day-to-day operations, and authored a number of 'fact checks'."

'The couple had met in the early 1990s on a folklore-themed online message board, and married before setting up the site. ', "Snopes.com will benefit from Facebook's decision to allow users to report items in their newsfeed which they believe to be 'fake'.", "Now a DailyMail.com investigation reveals that Snopes.com's founders, former husband and wife David and Barbara Mikkelson, are embroiled in a lengthy and bitter legal dispute in the wake of their divorce."

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