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I'm somewhere in between "whoa, thats really cool!" and [SCREAMS INTERNALLY].

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If it wasn't for the butt eating part it doesn't sound so bad.

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I wonder if it would do that to a human? If it wasn’t for that I would try some.

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https://archive.fo/bX0XF :

Massospora, the Parasite That Drugs Cicadas - The Atlantic

' Perhaps that’s why “the cicadas walk around as if nothing’s wrong even though a third of their body has fallen off,” Kasson says. '

'But on their way out, some of them encounter the spores of a fungus called Massospora. '

'Imagine emerging into the sun after 17 long years spent lying underground, only for your butt to fall off. '

'That ignominious fate regularly befalls America’s cicadas. '

'Massospora and its butt-eating powers were first discovered in the 19th century, but Kasson and his colleagues have only just shown that it has another secret: It doses its victims with mind-altering drugs. '

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