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Not 100% convinced. If you build up a community over months/years, mod takeover can kill it. Sure you can move to a different location but many users wont.


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Yes - but there are no defaults when you hit "register" account. I subscribe to things I like. Then browse all for the rest. All it takes is a 10 upgoats for visibility on all, after that, the goats decide if they want to participate. You could /v/askAgoat /v/AQuestion /v/AskGoats /v/AAvoat (ask anything)


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Oh I agree, I'm more thinking long term.

If you build a sub around something... I don't know "howAwesomeKactusotpIs" as an example, that grows to 50,000 members and is taken over and killed by someone from kactusOTPSucks who thought kactusotp pushed in front of them in a primary school lunch line once, the community will splinter, trueKactusOTP and realKactusOTP will probably only end up 5k members at most and each will have trouble growing as they both fight for quality content and get a reputation for site wide drama.

Add to that infighting and wondering if anyone else is going to do the same to the new subs

Please note no I'm not that self centred I'm just covered in baby vomit and tired and couldn't think of something that would be non controversial :P