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It coincides with the coming of age of kids who grew up with "participation trophies" and "everyone is a winner".

TV used to make fun of the "conservative dad" who was against this whole "everyone wins!" trend. Turns out they were right. Now we're eating shit.


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Another way of saying that is the prioritization of "self esteem" over "self worth/confidence".


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YES! That is a GREAT way of saying it! Thank you!


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It's worse than that these days. Helicopter parents who make sure that nothing bad happens to their precious, precious little snowflake. I know at least two from my daughter's school who plan on moving with their kid to college and continuing to be active in their kid's life. In college! These poor kids have no opportunity to learn to handle even trivial issues on their own. No reason to learn to think for themselves, to handle conflict on their own. No reason to learn to do anything whatsoever because Mommy (and IME it's always the mom) will just do it.

I even know one who has said she won't let her kids date. Instead, they will somehow find The One when they're in their late 20's and "court" that person until marriage. WTF?


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I knew a kid who was in the ARMY, and whose mother called his CO to complain when he was given an "unfair punishment". I'm not even talking prison or anything like that. He mouthed off to one of the cooks and had to do extra cleaning duty in the kitchen for a week.

So his mother called. To complain. Can you imagine that?!