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Mandy was a pretty minor character, but if I remember correctly, he had his ass handed to him by Ash and his underdog crab-like ally.

Pokemon, like a lot of dubbed anime, is inherently a bit weird because it comes from the other side of the world, gets translated into English, has the story modified somewhat to not offend too many parents, and is then reworked into a comprehensive story. Some shows show this more than others.

Pokemon is a series about a boy and his super powered animal buddies winning with the dual powers of friendship and energy-based attacks. Make of that what you will.

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that's just japanime. there were plenty of masculine shows when i was growing up, but that's not really the point.

young males are not watching or participating in masculine endeavors at all.

you're sort of right about this. there are still plenty of boys who want to grow up to be strong men, and they tend to play football and the like. the problem is that this behavior isn't being as well supported by the establishment as it should be.


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Don't thank Pokemon for that, thank 4kidz.


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That's just kind of a trend in Japanese animation. It's pretty normal for male characters to be super androgynous.

There are also quite a few anime featuring excessively masculine guys. Armstrong in Full Metal Alchemist is pure beef, and even the main character Edward is fucking ripped despite being tiny.