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Facts hurt feefees. We can't have that.


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OP is just another libfag who is terrified of anyone trying to discuss the facts. He doesn't understand the difference between an open forum and people literally hopping the border and raping/murdering people.


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Nobody's actually saying that, it's just easier to argue with a straw man because you're always going to "win".

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I really appreciate that second to last paragraph. My mom came to America from India, and she assimilated. (obviously, she kept some of her own culture at home.) What I would like to ask you, if you are okay with it, is what do you think of them keeping their religion? You said something about cooking meals for church aid gatherings, but what about Muslims who decide to keep their religion? There is quite a large Muslim following in my city, they aren't killing people, or forcefully converting anyone, and mostly keep to themselves. Do you have a problem with these guys? If so, why?


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18 year-old Swedish Somali rapes 12 year-old girl, sentenced to 22 days of community service, no prison or damages (in Swedish)

"Svart snopp är dyrt!" = "Black dick is expensive!"

This is just my favorite example of the horrors of unchecked immigration and jail sentences that don't do shit.


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Do you have any statistics? I seriously am curious cause these could just be media propping up stories to create a rape culture


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It's difficult to find >2013 data

But, I hope this will do for now