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Butthurt racist fucks flooding in 3... 2...

Oh wait they are here already. Grab the popcorn

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I'll bet the Native Americans said the same damn thing.


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If they were against those individuals, that would be one thing. But guess what, we all are. That's why every fucking nation concerned here has laws about these things. If they were talking about all the economic problems that are possible, that would be another. But it's all about skin color and smearing an entire group of people over the actions of a minority.


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Do you genuinely believe we're here because we're "butthurt" over something as trite and malformed as the post above? Of course not, this is merely an opportunity to proselytize! It's easy when backed by truth, and every event like this grows our community. So please, keep posting. Bring us your forlorn and we will breath life into them.


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We're the future, and we're going to save you