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I used to think it was fun to say "He, she, IT" (he shit) real fast in middle school. Such a rapier wit I had back then. Now it bores me.

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I also used to say that, back when.

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...and your life is in ruins because of it, perhaps, right?

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Ya i make sure to always say mentaly ill people or what is it when im in normaly company and i am trying to offended. I will not let it slide im done with this pc shitm

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You have to use her now, that is the pronoun she likes.

And I would like to be Bill Gates but it ain't fucking happening.

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What was wrong with they/them?

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Trannys aren’t people. They are demons to be exorcised.

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Yeah, they

[–] pixelkitteh ago 

There is no better way to designate yourself a special snowflake than using the "they/them" cliche. I used to be cool with the whole LGBT thing... but I am sick of it being shoved in my face, I am sick of it being shoved into my CHILDS face. Trans people - REAL trans people - are one or the other, not both or none of whatever else 70 things these mentally ill retards have decided. These people need HELP, not acceptance. If you aren't male or female, you are an IT.

[–] Maroonsaint ago 

Do you like to dress like a girl? Do you need to be beaten and raped into your correct place?