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They're men's children, too.

Consider this: My wife and I already have two children. If we were to decide to have a third child and get pregnant, she could, at the last minute, change her mind and get an abortion without consulting me at all and there is nothing I can legally do about it.

Or she could have the kid and say decide she's just bored with marriage and decide to leave with the kids. And I'm on the line for alimony and child support.

To expose the madness of reproductive rights, I think we should give men the same rights. Give them the ability to compel a woman to get an abortion because they don't feel like being a father.

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Wonder how many times Tony Danza tapped that back in the day.

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As many times as his Jewish masters let him have the sloppy seconds.

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Italian Accent, "Angela. Mona. Samantha!"

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Hey, thoughts and prayers, huh?

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"butt Samyanta".

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Is Caytlyn Jener allowed to talk about it?

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he peaked in the mid 80s and hasnt really worked since.

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Depends on whether you ask a TERF. An intersectional feminist will allow Jenner to talk about it because it is as much of a woman as anyone else.

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I bet her vagine has seen more action than Vietnam

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They say they can't take the risk of having sex without the security of an abortion. Finally, liberal women have realised that if they don't want kids, they shouldn't have sex.

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Haha buuuuuurned

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Her uterus is dead like her career.

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