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I think their plan is to be literally shaking so hard that you can't get a bead on them.

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Grenades are the answer to that and many other problems.

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Too bad their shaking will have them being stationary (except for said shaking) on the ground.

[–] SukkhaMadiqqa ago 

I have extra ammo. I'm not afraid to take several shots.

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Never underestimate your enemy.

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That bit of advice made more sense before the enemy became a bunch of soy-sipping trannies.

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America's Civil War II won't be against them.

I mean, it will at first, but they'll all die or run off quickly enough. The problem will be that they were the excuse. Their paymasters, who will fund and arm them, will just be using them as justification for why the fight started against us. They will continue to pay, arm, and train every foreign mercenary, illegal immigrant, crazy transient, inner-city hoodlum, and whoever else will be looking for an opportunity for a paycheck and/or violence.

The other problem will be the propaganda. Every Jew-owned news station will present our side as anti-American, anti-Freedom, evil bigots who started the violence, no matter what the truth is. Half of "conservative" America would be against us and willing to fight us also, at least until the nature of the war was obvious. And given the state of modern mass media, and tech company censorship, the nature of the war will not be obvious to most people for a while.

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Our opening salvo in the war should be to knock out the power to every big city in the US and take the ports to cut off all supplies. Also eliminate mainstream media propaganda centers.

[–] andrew_jackson 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago 

Naw. We'll have them on the run.

[–] The_Duke_of_Dabs 2 points 3 points (+5|-2) ago 

You forgot to take into account those people will have other people fight for them. It'll be a mercenary army with no loyalties to anyone or thing except the all mighty dollar. Other countries would get involved based on the fact theres so many foreign nationals that do work here, or own property or businesses. Shit would get real pretty quick. From Upper Western Pennsylvania down to the virginias over through tennessee and on up through Indiana, will be the stronghold of the American Ideologue. I imagine Montana, the Dakotas, OK, Nebraska, Kansas and Wyoming would be the Western fronts. Not sure about New England; I have a cousin who lives in Boston and I know he's redpilled but he fronts Bluepilled out there to not be ostracised but he also married a Jew so. . . .

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Shit would get real pretty quick

What? We'd sweep the field!

[–] The_Duke_of_Dabs ago 

For sure, but things would be bad before they got better.

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Leftists fight like women using words and attempted public shaming to attack your mind instead of using brute force to attack your body. That is until you refuse to bow down and show a willingness to stand your ground. At that point they're hoping a display of violence will make you scatter but when that fails they have no choice but to scatter themselves and either accept their domination or fight back with guerilla tactics which only a very small minority will be willing to do and even less have the skills to get away with.

So in short there won't be a civil war. It's just going to be a bunch of terrorist attacks and they're either going to blow themselves up out of existence or get absolutely crushed when the surveillance capabilities of the state are able to trace them back and send drones in to wipe them and their families out. We just need to make sure it's our side in government otherwise we might end up with the shit end of the stick pointed at us.

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The government doesn't have to be the enemy and in fact in modern life we absolutely must have one. If we don't places like China with strong leadership will decide to expand their empires and then we're fucked. We also need to be able to tell those globo homos to go suck some more kike dick and that not only do we pass but we have the means to defend ourselves from them too. Leftists will not do this, hell they'll invite everyone in with their whole no borders bullshit and then subjugate everyone to keep the peace.

Technology is getting to the point now that if we don't get our side into power the heel of the leftists will crush us for eternity. We must get our guys in, keep the leftists out and tell the globalist kikes to fuck off while we still can. If we don't the only chance we have is killing access to electricity and fossil fuels in general while hoping (((another nation))) with special interests doesn't help them out or invade while we're down which you know they will.

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The best way to start the civil war is to get them to begin battling themselves first. That will weaken them considerably. AOC is doing a great job at starting this strategy for us.

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Yes. Yes it fucking will be.

The nigs will be stealing what they can’t rape and raping what they can’t steal. The pink-hairs will be defending them with rainbow protest signs. Three faggots in dresses pulling soyboys on dog chains will be the mech. division, and the leader will be a jewish polysexual friendless shithead who thinks any form of work should be illegal except for “approved” journalism, and maybe owning a transgender pet shop.

Soros will fund the whole affair and everything will really be looking good for them until one of them takes a wrong guess about which end of the rifle to hold, whereupon they will retreat to their safe space(s) to wait for a spot on the Chris Matthews interview schedule where they can talk about their “harrowing ordeal” trying and failing to plan to murder people who disagree with them about which bathrooms to use, and whether White People are genetically superior. (Pro tip: We are.)

Meanwhile, a White kid with a hunting rifle will get bored watching and waiting for absolutely nothing to happen, because nothing would have happened anyway.

We’ve already won, and the liberals know it. Someone should inform Waters,Harris, Booker, Hirono, and the rest of the crazies in Congress (not that it would fucking matter to them, suicidal twats that they are).

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Never underestimate your opponent.

A war is coming... Recent statistics on left and right divide point to it. Unless im wrong we have not been this divided as a country since the last civil war. Even vietnam era wasn't this bad. It's coming. Probably before 2030.

Do not be like the Confederate and assume yanks are pussies. In fact they will view you as less than human. You won't you fucking cunts will view fellow whites as humans who have lost their way... Liberals can be far..far.. More ruthless than you. They have been programmed to be. Sacrifice for the greater good is programmed FAR HARDER into them than you.

A war is coming. "We will crush them" is always bad advice before any war. They may be out of shape...honestly...they get laid less than you. That means they have nothing to lose. They also have very fanciful grips on reality. Like Children. And while you think that child soldiers are the most cowardly. that isn't true. Child soldiers are the bravest and most ruthless of any soldier.

No one put a more fierce resistance in WW2 than the Hitler youth. Older soldiers assigned to them found them difficult to control. Because they would not surrender. If the left goes to war that's what you will be facing. An army of 15-50 year old children. And it's far more frightening than you think. They don't have a real concept of reality. Death is not a concept they truly understand. Both in what death means for them or for what it means for those they inflict it upon. No fear, No remorse. That's what you could be facing.

I get the 300lb faggot with a cartoon pillow doesn't seem very scary. But when they don't really grasp reality. That is indeed a scary possibility. Especially if when they "break" instead of breaking towards run away. They break towards infantile rage.

The japs were terrifying because they had infantile rage. Born and bred to believe and think a certain way...no deviation from it. That sound more like us or them? You think the kikes are gunna worry about casualty counts among the goyim fighting for them?

The people who will be fighting on the right will be independent thinkers. And while they may be brave. They arn't fucking crazy. NEVER underestimate crazy. Rational will beat it...it will be tough...but if you underestimate crazy it will kill you.

If you cut up the fat kids anime pillow and just laugh...be careful. Cuz tubby can and will go nuts.



And I've experienced it first hand...Sometimes I've been PISSED "Fuck you mother fucker!" and won fights I shouldn't have. Other times I've gone into fights just "hey, stop being a dick." and got fucking WRECKED.

Pushups, training... I've done it. I've had the 6 pack, cardio, training MMA. Honestly.... The fights I've won I didn't give a fuck. The fights I lost I was just trying to keep the peace.

[–] Fetalpig ago 

I fought the guy with nothing to loose,sloppy and dangerous vs the guy with something to loose is a very dangerous calculating cunning thing,a hunter vs the hunted.....I see foreign agents paid for by the likes of the koch bros and Soros coming in doing the most damage,not the lazy libtard that takes pics with his brand new gun....those guys will die hard fast and loud..its the trained killers I'm inclined to be worried about.

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