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I've known I'm "That Uncle" for years now.

For example in February (black history month) my niece was telling me all about how horrible the things done to MLK and how bad segregation was. I told her that It's odd how that during MLK's era segregation was considered racist but in today's world all over the country blacks are creating segregated spaces where there are no white people allowed so that they can feel "safer".

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We all are.

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Can confirm this.

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I'm gonna be that Uncle one day

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I am one now too. A based grampa too, its great !

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The goal is for my nieces and nephews to eventually tell their cucked beta bitch parents "Fuck you! I'm gonna go live with Uncle Sploogey!!"

I am well on my way.

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My uncle told me to never, ever get married

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Your uncle is a depressed soycuck.

Marriage, having children. Thats the most wonderful thing in life.

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Can be. Should be. Unfortunately everything in society nowadays is geared to destroying that.

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He did get married and had a child, then his wife wanted (and got) a divorce.

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Sounds like a wise man !

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I miss John Candy. =(

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Ummm shouldnt the uncle be warning the kid about the jews?

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😆, my uncle told me Jews run the media and banking. He said Jews were clannish, and hated Christians, and loved only money.

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Your uncle was smarter then 95% of americans apparently. Id have added they only care about fame and tv or entertainment or propaganda. I dont know but they are obbssesd with tv being on it owning the content etc.

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Huh, you had an uncle like that? My uncle told me, "Confucius say breach bronde have brack hair bycracky!" Hahaha!

Your right and I love voat!

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Voat is like a friend you can have angry conversations with and come away feeling good because it was worthwhile and substantive.

While "pleasant" converstions with liberals are an ABSOLUTE waste of time, energy, and resources (JUST like pop culture and professional sports and the mass media), that leave you deflated and depressed at the delusional stupidity of the masses as DIRECTED by the parasitic and predatory EVIL handlers they follow and "worship" (eg Dr Phil, Oprah, etc).

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I'm that kind of mom.

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