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Related anecdote: remember when the muzzies attacked that French newspaper who had published a depiction of Muhammad? Some town in Texas held a "draw Muhammad" contest. Just a little bit of Texas "fuck you" to the muslims. Right on schedule, a car full of muslims with AKs show up ready to start killing people. They didn't even make it through the front door. Lol.

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Ramadon bombathon is coming up, we should do a voat draw Mohammed contest.

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LOL I think we've already done that? I seem to recall this being done like two years ago? My memory is pretty fuzzy, but I seem to recall there being a contest that got some, but not a lot, of replies. Afterwards, again if my memory is correct, it was pretty common for goats to accuse the other person of being a Moslem and telling them to prove they weren't by drawing the prophet.

I smoke a lot of pot, but I'm pretty sure my memory's more or less correct about this one.

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Never heard this rhyme before today but thanks for sharing.

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Same shit happened in Seattle with the draw Muhammad day, except a fatwa was put out on the organizers and they all had to go into FBI protected/witsec programs. It was crazy.

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They were killed by law enforcement after being tracked for years. I personally kill anyone who's given up the element of surprise if I had a dozen armed, trained people backing me up.

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Also, no man who gets his dick sucked on a daily basis goes on a shooting spree.

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You could say a man who does get his dick sucked daily is already on a shooting spree.

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Shooting into the mouth spree

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I used to think that too, but then i saw Omar Marteens wife. https://heavyeditorial.files.wordpress.com/2016/06/sitora-yusufiy12.jpg

Maybe having it sucked too much has the opposite effect and makes you kill 50 gays?

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No.... she looks like a spoiled bith who wants to go apple picking or to brunch or needs money for shopping and never cooks to me.

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Id say no man with the possibilty of getting a blow job in the near future doesnt go on shooting sprees. No shooting sprees in japan and a lot of horny japanes women who will eat anything so they surly slurp down the sperm!

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So... mandatory gun shows everywhere, at all times.

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an armed society is a polite society. speak softly, carry a big gun, et cetera

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That would be HILARIOUS no matter what the outcome.

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Have gun shows ever been used for assisted suicide I wonder?

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People have been shot at gun shows.

Believe me, I know.

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Ya i was thinking no one has targeted one for an assault rifle type shootings it would be hilarious if they did.

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I'm not going to just take your word for it, and that's not something easily searchable.

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The only shootings I can find are all accidents. Which is no suprise given how many shows go on every weekend across the US .

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Becareful muzzies and afros might take that as a challenge.

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